“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
- Wayne Dyer

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GeoMetrx is the next generation of web-based decision support platform enabling policy and business decision makers with a robust suite of intuitive tools and a wide variety of the most current detailed market data available.

National Map of Counties Themed by Median Income

National Map of Counties Themed by Median Income

GeoMetrx provides unique insights into the US Markets and Economy down to micro-level geographies.  It is the only web-based platform that allows a user to dynamically load, aggregate, compare, rank, and map their own data on demand.

Research360 Screen1

GeoMetrx Visual Analytics

How can GeoMetrx benefit me and my organization?

GeoMetrx saves you time and money, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your market analyses and targeted allocation of financial resources. GeoMetrx conveniently combines current datasets with cutting edge GIS mapping and technological capabilities allowing you to create data-oriented reports and maps to support decisions and monitor regional progress. Rather than spending time and money gathering information from disparate, redundant, and often incompatible sources, GeoMetrx enables you to quickly extract data in report and graph format, conduct detailed benchmarking analysis, and ultimately assess the innovation capacity of a region and map region assets through a single, consistent, interface.

Map with User Loaded Customer Points themed on Response Rate

Map with User Loaded Points themed by Response Rate

What are some of the immediate returns on investment from the GeoMetrx solution?

  • Asset mapping and benchmarking capabilities for gap and SWOT analysis, as well as a functional inventory of hard and soft drivers of innovation and economic capacity building.
  • Trends and real-time impact analysis of critical inputs to the economy, the workforce, and the sustainability of competitiveness among regional, state and federal investments.
  • Determination of federal and state resource allocation plans and increased collaboration and alignment among various stakeholders, and organizations through fact-driven analysis.
  • Identification of new targets of opportunity across technological, scientific, and industry sectors leading to consistent growth in jobs and entrepreneurial outcomes.
  • Streamlining the use of internal data to assist researchers and decision makers.
  • Creating a network of shared business intelligence through our unique SHARE technology allows regional and state agencies to unlock the power of data.
  • State networks of users are able to leverage a cost effective data dissemination tool through a consistent, easy to user software solution.

Questions? Contact us at 1.888.848.4436 or complete our contact form if you would like to see a live demonstration or receive a free trial account.